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45 minute duration. Multiple delivery dates to choose from.

Attend to learn:​


  • Why built-in security is best


  • The value of understanding attacker objectives and motivations


  • How Threat Models help focus security testing


  • Strategies & tactics for specific security scenarios

A Chance to Win

Learn and get the chance to win $. At each session, 2 attendees will receive their choice of a $100 gift certificate at TopGolf or a $100 Visa Gift Card.

Foundations of Secure by Design AppSec

Modern application security welcomes OWASP and NIST
drawing our attention to insecure design.

Validating experts’ long-held beliefs,
AppSec program success requires baked-in strategy. 
Begin or restart your AppSec assurance journey
with strategic insight and advice from True Positives expert 
Brook S.E. Schoenfield

Mr. Schoenfield is the author/co-author of six books on software security
and has technically led five software security practices.

Brook expands on the subject of Secure Design and Threat Modeling in this recent article.


We welcome you to attend the webinar he hosts that addresses this subject topic below. 

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