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Enterprise AppSec for the rest of us

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Our Freemium-style service is built to offer AppSec excellence everywhere. Details are found below. 



Budget-friendly upgrade for Standard customers needing more advanced and comprehensive AppSec testing.  Details are found below. 

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Service Scope 

TrueInspect Standard offers a level of security testing strength only a few corporate and high-tech giants can afford. The service boasts a platform powered by world-class dynamic application security test (DAST) automation operated by seasoned application and automation security experts. 

Due to the varying sizes and complexities of the targets we receive, the Standard tests will be limited to eight (8) hours of total processing time, including initial setup.  

Turnaround Time

Expect 3-5 business days for testing and reporting.

Coming Soon

TrueInspect REACH, a more comprehensive and advanced AppSec testing service from TrueInspect is coming soon. It will serve as the fee-based upgrade path from Discover. 


TrueInspect REACH will offer Discover level service plus many advanced features and provisions as standard including but limited to:

  • Detailed reporting

  • Same target re-test

  • Manual vulnerability validation

  • Expanded authentication handling

  • Support for modern webapp dev technologies 

Service Designation 

Per our Terms of Service we require that you must confine use of the Service to systems or technologies you own and that are approved to undergo vulnerability scanning. 


While in compliance with the former testing may only be dispatched toward:

  • Routable accessible software applications or web sites

  • Multi-page web app or site (No SPA, API, Web Service).

  • Requiring password authentication only 


Technical Support

Email us:

Sales Support. 


Email us:


Call us:

+1 360-557-3918




See our FAQ to learn more about TrueInspect Services from True Positives.

Why Trust True Positives?

True Partners in AppSec Assurance & Automation. 


The tagline says it all. We are AppSec experts with 100+ years of experience, advising Cisco, Boeing, Intel, Microsoft, McKesson and others.


We provide our expertise, insight, and solutions to businesses without demanding enterprise-level fees. When you work with us, you get the best protection at the best rates.

Learn more about T+ here.


Discover service performs much like a flashing light or alarm that warns of potential trouble. In this case, Discover service testing found potential security issues within the application or website software.

The alarm comes in the form of our free ad hoc Discover report of all High and Medium severity vulnerabilities identified and their type (sample below). The information is provided securely via email in PDF format. 


Upgrade to unlock a complete Reach Report for Devs (sample below), offering the breadth of data necessary to address each vulnerability discovered.


Prior to becoming publicly available, the Discover service can be upgraded at reduced rates if desired.


Options include:


A: Upgrade to expanded Reach Dev Report (sample below).


B: Upgrade to a post-mitigation retest of the same target. (within 30 day trial period). 


C: Options A & B combined






 Reach    Report 


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