How it Works

  1. Run a scan on a targeted web app or other property

  2. Receive a free ad hoc Discover report on all identified vulnerabilities types

  3. Upgrade to unlock a complete Reach Report for Devs, which tells you every detected vulnerability, its location, and how to fix it.

  4. Validate bugs yourself, or retain the True Positives team to do it for you

  5. Save time and cost in finding risky bugs, and ship secure code faster

Why Use TrueInspect

Affordable: Pay a fraction of the cost of investing in enterprise tools

Nimble: Run scans only when you really need them
Get results on full scans in 3-5 business days

Thorough: Access proven DAST run and analyzed by AppSec industry experts

Flexible: Secure web apps built with with a modern stack (API, SPA, React, Angular)

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Enterprise AppSec for the Rest of Us

TrueInspect from True Positives makes fast, thorough, and dynamic AppSec scans available to everyone. With free and affordable options, cost, time and team capacity won’t hold you back anymore.

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Julie Richard
Principal Security Strategist
True Positives LLC
Former DAST Program Manager, Microsoft

"Organizations are forced to make the tough choice to forego necessary security scanning because they don't have the resources to spare. Or they choose inferior tooling that won't provide them with the value they need. TrueInspect by True Positives balances the equation by making industry-leading application scanning accessible to anyone who wants it, regardless of their size."

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Start shipping secure code faster and cheaper.