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Fast Reliable

App Security Scans


An innovative new service delivering trustworthy application security scans swiftly and economically.


It brings a level of security testing strength only a few corporate and high-tech giants can afford from a platform powered by world-class dynamic application security test (DAST) automation. 

TrueInpsect is conceived and operated by seasoned application and automation security experts. Key capabilities include:


Freemium Discover level subscription provides access to webapp security readiness scans and expert consultation access.


Affordable upgrade options help locate and fix potentially dangerous bugs faster. 


Each includes the opportunity to retest to validate code fixes.


TrueInpsect is operated and conceived by seasoned application and automation security experts.

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30 Min - Multiple Dates

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Penetration Testing Toolkit (PTK)

Open Source Tool for Offensive AppSec 

Security Pros 

PTK is an open-source utility that performs fast and effective web application vulnerability testing. It strengthens analysis and saves time by making it simple to get detailed information about an application's security issues.

Built for penetration testers, offensive security teams, and developers — PTK powers productivity with advanced recon, weaponization, attack-exploit capability, and carefully matched utilities. Key capabilities include


  • Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge browsers are supported

  • Integrates with Selenium tests.

  • Executes modified HTTP requests without javascript validation, and sequence recording with HAR file output.

  • Handles authentication with normal user sessions  – MFA/Captcha bypass via macro and traffic recording, bootstrap auth.

  • Inspects technology stack, security headers, crawled links, & domains. 

  • Repeat a request or send to execute XSS, SQL, or OS Command injections on any particular request using traffic log detail.

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