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Confirm Code Security with a
Source Code Audit from T+

Help ensure the security, reliability, and efficiency of your software systems. 
Source code audits ultimately lead to improved performance, user experience, and therefore search engine ranking.

What is a Source Code Audit?

The Source Code Audit process begins with a thorough understanding of your application's architecture and its security requirements. We then create a detailed plan for the audit, which includes the tools and techniques we use to identify potential security risks. Our experts will work closely with your development team to ensure that the audit does not affect the application's performance or functionality.

To Get Started or Learn More,
Schedule a Free Consultation.

Source Code Audit Pricing

Full Transparency:
There’s no way to know until we speak with you.

We don’t have “One Size Fits All” packages. We have a cost-conscious approach to custom-tailored solutions so that you aren’t overcharged for features and services you don’t need - or worse, undercharged because features and services you needed weren’t included. 

We Share the Same Goal:
Minimizing cost and resources spent on high-quality solutions that fully protect your property.

We know how hard it is to balance coverage with cost-effectiveness. We'll treat your budget as if it's our own and keep costs as low as possible.

Source Code Audit FAQ

What is True Positives (aka T+)?

T+ is a collective of highly versatile AppSec veterans and innovators who have served the application security industry for decades while working for companies such as:

Members of the True Positives Team have worked in high positions within the Microsoft Corporation.
Members of the True Positives team have worked for Intel..
Team members of True Positives have worked for Cisco Systems.
Symantec Logo.png

Using their in-depth experience in the various nuances of software security, True Positives is a uniquely specialized application security value-added reseller (AppSecVAR) as well as a designer and developer of powerful and customized commercial solutions. 

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