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Application Security Solutions by T+

We’ve kept our finger on the pulse of application security since its inception, and created these tools and services based on the unmet needs we see over and over again.

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Turn Your Browser into a Powerful Penetration Testing Kit

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Powerful On-Demand
Application Security Testing
with Expert Oversight

Need fast, reliable & secure scanning by enterprise-level tools in the hands of knowledgeable AppSec veterans?


With easy setup and complete reporting included?


Just ask.

Not Sure Which of Our Solutions are Right for You? Need a Custom Solution?

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What is True Positives (aka T+)?

T+ is a collective of highly versatile AppSec veterans and innovators who have served the application security industry for decades while working for companies such as:

Members of the True Positives Team have worked in high positions within the Microsoft Corporation.
Members of the True Positives team have worked for Intel..
Team members of True Positives have worked for Cisco Systems.
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Using their in-depth experience in the various nuances of software security, True Positives is a uniquely specialized application security value-added reseller (AppSecVAR) as well as a designer and developer of powerful and customized commercial solutions. 

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