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Outsourced AppSec Solutions

Outsourced AppSec Solutions

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Managed AppSec

Get turnkey, end-to-end security. Along with essential manual checks, you’ll also receive actionable advice, efficiently prevent vulnerabilities, monitor results in a real-time dashboard, and always be one step ahead by staying current with modern technology.

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Hybrid AppSec Solutions 

If assurance and compliance readiness is a must for all or a portion of your application suite, let us show you how to blend automated and manual assurance testing effectively and affordably. 

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Custom AppSec Solutions 

Is the AppSec solution you need not on the market? Our expert team can help you source the right partners and develop an in-house solution perfect for your products, services and users.

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about outsourcing AppSec?

Custom Development
Custom Projects
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Our Approach to 
Outsourced AppSec


Application security practitioners are expensive, hard to come by, and significantly in demand. Augment your organization’s security assurance and compliance capabilities by outsourcing AppSec with True Positives. Between hybrid, managed, custom solutions, and all the other gaps you need to fill to create a complete application security assurance program, it can often be less expensive to turn to the outside for the solutions and expertise you require. 

Managed AppSec
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