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Manual AppSec Testing

Business Logic Assessment
Penetration Testing
Sourc Code Audits

Manual AppSec Testing Services

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Penetration Testing

Our experts manually conduct white, gray, or blackbox simulated cyber attacks to help identify vulnerabilities attackers could prey on to gain access.

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Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Prioritize cloud security with a manual inspection of configuration files and code used to generate services and systems.

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Business Logic Assessment

We manually explore the flow of an application to reveal exploitable vectors that would otherwise go undetected by automated testing.

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Source Code Audits

Get a manual inspection of your source code to identify weaknesses and bugs that target high-risk areas, which are often inaccessible by automated tools.

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Want to learn more about our manual AppSec testing services?

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Our Approach to
Manual AppSec Testing


AppSec automation saves lots of time and cost, and can help standardize critical elements of assurance testing. It’s essential for a modern security environment. But there’s more than a few things it misses, and a “set-it-and-forget-it” approach will let threats in that you wouldn’t even think to look for. 


Complete your assurance coverage with the hands-on skills and experience that come with AppSec industry experts. Manual testing protects against vulnerabilities in areas that automation can’t reach, such as within an application’s workflow or business logic. Benefit from our team’s experience for fast, budget-friendly manual testing, on top of your automated AppSec strategy.

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