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Automated AppSec Tooling

AppSec Tooling Services

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Demonstrations & Trials

After learning about your needs, T+ will recommend tools that best fit your situation. Of course, there is no “one size fits all” solution, which is why we encourage you to take advantage of our comprehensive demos and guided trials. This firsthand experience provides you an opportunity to make sure they’re the right tools for you.

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We partner with leaders in the industry to offer our clients top of the line AppSec solutions. T+ thoroughly vets all partner tools, ensuring a seamless integration for your team.

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T+ equips you with tools and insights to help you achieve your desired outcomes, including; implementation, integration, optimization, and custom projects.

Demonstrations & Trials
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From development to production, protect your cloud-native applications with the Aqua Platform.

Save time and shift left by checking your code for bugs as it’s being written with r2c’s in-text editor.

Code more and worry less with Checkmarx, an application security engine offering end-to-end solutions for developers.

A provider of acclaimed dynamic application security solution InsightAppSec, and world-famous Metasploit for offense security pros.

A developer-first security platform that empowers businesses to develop fast and stay secure.

A premier provider of dynamic application security solutions, including Accunetix and Netspaker.

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Want to learn more about our AppSec tooling services?

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Our Approach to
AppSec Tooling


True Positives started as a partner to some of the best AppSec automation tool makers in the industry, and it’s still our bread and butter. We match your team with vetted AppSec tools that are guaranteed to work with modern code, advanced authentication, and several other features that work to automate assurance testing. And best of all, in our model you pay the same price as going to the tool maker directly, meaning there’s no risk, no markup, and you get the benefit of industry veterans and browsing the whole market for the right fit. That way, you can maximize the effectiveness of automated tools, and minimize your budget, time, and staffing costs.

Test early, identify and rectify imperfections, and reduce the introduction of new attack vectors--all while spending less money than with traditional or reactive approaches.

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