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Building Reliable AppSec Automation 

45 minute duration. Multiple delivery dates to choose from. Attend to learn. 

  • ​The inside scoop on how enterprises think about AppSec assurance

  • How enterprise product security teams develop effective toolchains

  • The inside scoop on which AppSec vendors make reliable tools, and why

  • How to avoid pitfalls in modern dynamic application architecture

A Chance to Win

Two (2) attendees from each session will receive their choice of either a $100 gift certificate at TopGolf or a $100 Visa Gift Card.


Your Partner in AppSec Assurance & Automation

True Positives (aka T+) is an AppSec consultancy specializing in trustworthy AppSec solutions and expert program overwatch. We support security teams and toolmakers alike to help the entire industry shift left and beyond.



How PTK does Reconnaissance, 
Weaponization, Exploitation,
and Attacks.


About powerful utilities including:

Macro & Traffic recording

CryptoES based Decoder

Swagger 2.0 & OpenAPI 3.0 support


Live demo featuring JWT “None” algorithm attack in action and more.

Building Reliable AppSec Automation Featuring Rapid7 DAST Solutions

Application security automation tools are long-term investments, and security teams need to rely on them to make the price worth it. But too many tools fail to work as advertised when fully deployed.


Most often, because tools haven't kept pace with the rapid evolution of web development technologies and advanced authentication. Or by conditions that weren’t anticipated nor tested during evaluation or trial.


AppSec tooling is expensive, and poor investments or half measures can let threats through, leading to even greater costs—both in finance and credibility. Solarwinds and Kaseya are two recent infamous examples.


Get it right from the start with advice from a team of skilled pros in enterprise AppSec by attending this enlightening webinar.  

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