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Rapid7 AppSec Partner Profile

About: True Positives – True Partners in AppSec Assurance & Automation

Product Focus: 

  • AppSec exclusive products and services VAR  

  • Unmatched experience and expertise in selling DAST 

  • Founder R7 Sales MVP 2016, among top revenue producers 2015 - 2019 

  • Team with many former R7 DAST (NTOSpider) technology experts

  • Leadership includes Microsoft DAST program manager of 10 years 

Geo: HQ: Washington State, USA. Offices: CA, FL US - North America Focus

Target Markets: Experienced selling AppSec to all-size firms and personas – unmatched in large and complex DAST environments.

SOC Location(s): N/A

Key Contacts:
Brian Pavicic
(206) 854-8999


Clayton Dewberry 
(408) 497-7647


SFDC Link: N/A

Summary of Rapid7 aligned solutions:  

  • Assurance+ AppSec Solution Bundle 

    • Pairs manual security checks for critical assets with InsightAppSec or Managed AppSec to provide a more complete and thorough application security assurance solution 

    • Layered tool & manual testing hybrid approach delivers assurance coverage end-to-end 

    • Priced affordably — T+ fees shrink with subscription size

    • Superior alternative to WhiteHat (Synopsis) – cheaper than with unknown 3rd parties


  • Standalone manual security testing pro services 

    • Rapid7 DAST customers save 20% and get priority

    • Option to challenging problems Customers will appreciate learning about 

  • AppSec assurance & tooling domain pro services

    • Expands Rapid7 DAST solution support services 

    • Examples: Advanced - Custom deployment, integration, optimization 

    • Handy stop-gap and short notice solution option

  • TrueInpsect – AppSec Excellence Everywhere (Powered by Rapid7 DAST)

    • Basic web security testing service platform 

    • Ideal for SMBs with no capacity, those getting started, one-off or ad hoc scans 

    • Capable of supporting fast and effective InsightAppSec POC and trial work

  • Key Technology Partners:

    • R2c (Semgrep)

    • Checkmarx

    • Snyk

    • Aqua

AE Playbook – How We Win Together: 

  • Team to co-sell Assurance+ that offers customers a more complete and thorough application security assurance solution:

    • Builds desirable perception of full-service solution provider vs. point solution supplier  

    • Promotes stickiness – walls out potentially unhelpful outside influence


  • Enlist our unparalleled experience and expertise with Rapid7 DAST and customers to get: 

    • Seal Team 6 level support for your important AppSec sales pursuits 

    • Swiss Army knife-like array of AppSec pro services to promote client success and satisfaction most anywhere. 

    • Provide quick and easy InsightAppSec POC and trials with TrueInspect.  

  • Key Wins:

    • Vertex Inc. (IAS & Pen Testing Bundle)

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