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OWASP Penetration Testing Toolkit
a.k.a., PTK


Unlock  the Powerful Advantages of Browser-based Application Security Testing

Introducing a FREE Open-Source Tool that everyone can use!  Whether you're a practicing security pro or a security-minded software coder, you no longer need a Ph.D. in penetration testing to detect security bugs; the OWASP PTK advances and accelerates security testing everywhere. This powerful browser-based tool utilizes features hand-picked by industry veterans to eliminate the need for complicated third-party setup or worrying about connectivity, proxy, and authentication issues saving you time and reducing stress. 

Key Capabilities:


  • Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge browsers are supported.

  • Integrates with Selenium tests.

  • Executes modified HTTP requests without javascript validation and sequence recording with HAR file output.

  • Handles authentication with regular user sessions – MFA/Captcha bypass via macro and traffic recording, bootstrap auth.

  • Inspects technology stack, security headers, crawled links, & domains. 

  • Repeat a request or send to execute XSS, SQL, or OS Command injections on any particular request using traffic log detail.

Key Benefits: 

  • Open-source, FREE utility 

  • Easy to setup and get results

  • Eliminates the need for 3rd party tools or worry about connectivity, proxy, and authentication issues.

  • Uniquely suited to streamline testing. 

  • Capable of doing what other tools simply can't.


Coming Soon: 


Presently in development at True Positives is an advanced version of the OWASP PTK. It is scheduled to debut in June 2023 and will be called OWASP PTK+ to signify including everything the OWASP PTK has to offer, plus advanced features like:

  • Additional rules

  • Stored results in the cloud 

  • Selenium support

  • + More 


Upon completing a sixty (60) day introductory trial period, during which time the new tool will be made accessible FREE, a modest monthly upgrade fee will be required to use OWASP PTK+ afterward.  


Be among the first to see it and give it a cost-FREE try by emailing with the title "OWASP PTK+ Trial." 

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Ready to Try the OWASP PTK?

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