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Penetration Testing Kit (PTK)

Optional Elections

As a thank you for your valuable input, you may optionally elect to Opt-In as follows: 

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Only to be registered for PRIZE DRAWINGS held by True Positives on the last business day of each month. Winners will receive a US $100 gift card.

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To learn more about True Positives products and services exclusively focused on AppSec and be eligible for all future PRIZE DRAWINGS.

Privacy Pledge:
To ensure Privacy we anonymize all user input and under no circumstances will we share, rent, sell or use it for solicitation purposes. (read privacy statement).  
True Positives will collect contact information to register you for drawings separately from surveys. It will be deleted after the drawing. 

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A Community Driven Security Tool

True Positives works in collaboration with the development of PTK in several areas (read public article). One is to ensure the community guides PTK's future development. We survey users and encourage their suggestions to achieve this on behalf of the tool's authors.   


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Want to provide feedback on the PTK tool?

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