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Hone Your AppSec SuperPowers with PracticalAppSec

Your secret weapon in keeping things secure while managing costs and resources. 

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Destroy the barriers to reliable and effective application security, one cost-saving tip at a time inside each edition of PracticalAppSec by True Positives!

Expertly Curated Content from Industry Veterans & Innovators

We've been around for a while 😉, our newsletter is filled with captivatingly crafted and hand-picked information that comes from real-world, enterprise-level experience.


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Hacks to Tighten Your Security without Loosening Your Wallet

Get tips on enhancing application security while keeping costs in check. Because let's face it – no one wants to compromise on quality or break the bank!

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Ask an Expert: Your Direct Link to Seasoned Security Professionals

Ever wonder what an expert would say about your problem or idea? Wondering if there’s a better way to do something? Need to settle an office argument about application security? Here is your chance to ask!


Change Your Game with Our Focused Spotlight Segment

A treasure trove of resources curated for anyone focused on enhancing application security. Stay ahead in the dynamic application security landscape, and unlock next-level protection and efficiency!

Win Prizes by Flexing Your AppSec Knowledge

We believe learning should be fun! Participate in our quiz questions for a chance to win exciting prizes. Test your AppSec knowledge while having a blast - because securing your apps should come with rewards!

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Meet Our Esteemed Authors

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Brooke Schoenfield

AppSec by design strategy expert and author of many books on the subject.


Julie Richard

10 yrs. leading Microsoft's ecosystem vulnerability scanning program. Expert software security automation program manager & strategist


Dmitriy Kashitsyn

Lead developer behind NTOSpider, the innovative DAST software vulnerability scanner now embraced by Rapid7 as InsightAppSec. Author of new-to-market website technology checker.


Denis Podgerskiy 

Accomplished AppSec expert & security tool developer. Author of the OWASP Foundation's incubator project, OWASP PTK.


Evan Oslick

15 yrs. of securing enterprise software with a strong engineering background. Advocate and expert hybrid security testing solutions.

Dan Rapid7 Headshot_edited.png

Dan Kuykendall

Innovative pioneer in software security automation. Host of the DanOnDev podcast

BP Profile Pic.jpg

Brian Pavicic

Core member of the iconic first-of-its-kind infosec consultancy, @stake, Inc. Successful enterprise AppSec experience spanning three decades

What is True Positives (aka T+)?

T+ is a collective of highly versatile AppSec veterans and innovators who have served the application security industry for decades while working for companies such as:

Members of the True Positives Team have worked in high positions within the Microsoft Corporation.
Members of the True Positives team have worked for Intel..
Team members of True Positives have worked for Cisco Systems.
Symantec Logo.png

Using their in-depth experience in the various nuances of software security, True Positives is a uniquely specialized application security value-added reseller (AppSecVAR) as well as a designer and developer of powerful and customized commercial solutions. 

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