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True Positives, LLC Deepens Commitment as Key Sponsor of OWASP Foundation's Penetration Testing Kit

Updated: Aug 3

Venerable AppSec VAR Doubles Down on Cutting-Edge Technology to Streamline and Elevate Penetration Testing

Chehalis, WA August 2, 2023 - True Positives, LLC, a specialized provider of application security products and services, has committed to renewing and expanding support of the OWASP PTK (Penetration Testing Toolkit), an OWASP Foundation Incubator Project growing vastly in popularity.

The OWASP PTK has significantly evolved over the past decade, undergoing rigorous development to harness the many powerful advantages enabled by browser-based application security testing. An official announcement regarding the upcoming launch of an enhanced commercial edition of the tool, boasting advanced features and capabilities, is scheduled for later this month.

The OWASP PTK distinguishes itself by utilizing carefully selected features designed by industry veterans, eliminating the complexities associated with third-party setups, connectivity concerns, proxies, and authentication issues. This streamlined approach saves time, reduces stress, and enhances the efficiency of the penetration testing process.

OWASP PTK Key Capabilities:

  • Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge browsers are supported.

  • Executes modified HTTP requests without javascript validation and sequence recording with HAR file output.

  • Inspects technology stack, security headers, crawled links, & domains.

  • Repeat a request or send to execute XSS, SQL, or OS Command injections on any particular request using traffic log detail.

OWASP PTK Key Benefits:

  • Open Source: Easily accessible codebase.

  • Expert Collaboration: Developed by experienced AppSec tool experts.

  • User-Friendly: Intuitive setup, seamless authentication.

  • Time-Saving: Enhances testing workflow and prioritizes security.

  • Real-World Replication: Simulates practical attacks, builder & attacker roles.

“True Positives, LLC is committed to actively upping our contribution to the development and improvement of the OWASP PTK,” says Brian Pavicic, Founder & CEO of True Positives. “By supporting this project, True Positives aims to empower application security practitioners and the software development community with a comprehensive penetration testing utility that is robust, open-source, and extremely user-friendly,” he adds.

For more information about True Positives, LLC and the OWASP PTK, please visit

About True Positives, LLC.

With a unique specialization and in-depth experience in software security, True Positives (aka T+) is a value-added solutions reseller (AppSecVAR) and creator of innovative and customized commercial tools offering professional application security services and consultations. With a focus on innovation and continuous improvement, the company's mission is to enable businesses to proactively protect their digital assets and maintain a strong security posture in an evolving threat landscape.

Media Contact:

Ron Kahan

True Positives, LLC

Phone: 720-626-4756



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