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True Positives, LLC Appoints Clayton Dewberry as Vice President of Sales

Updated: Jun 20

I'm pleased to announce the promotion of Clayton Dewberry to Vice President of Sales at True Positives, LLC. A move prompted by his extensive contributions to the firm's positive expansion and achievements since becoming a Member of the LLC.


Overall Clayton has been instrumental to the exponential growth in clients choosing True Positives as a partner in AppSec. Due mainly to his strong ability to articulate the many distinct advantages associated with the firm’s value proposition as a specialty AppSecVAR and service provider.

Most recently, he's contributed strong leadership to the success of critical new product and service initiatives, including the launch of True Inspect, which makes obtaining high-quality software assurance and compliance security

scans easy and much more affordable.

As Vice President of Sales, Clayton assumes overall responsibility for client acquisition for the firm, reporting to the CEO & Founder. Additionally, he will begin playing a more substantial role in defining the firm's future goals and strategy as a member of its executive leadership team.

Please join me in congratulating Clayton on his new role.

About True Postives, LLC.

With a unique specialization in software security, True Positives (aka T+) is a value-added solutions reseller (AppsecVAR), professional services and consulting firm, that builds and sells commercial tools.

We provide software security solutions and services that help clients ensure the online safety and security of their digital products by utilizing cutting-edge solutions and deep application security experience and expertise.


True Positives, LLC.


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