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We have exciting news for the AppSec community!

Updated: Jun 20

True Positives unveils enterprise quality AppSec scanning on demand --- starting at FREE.

Meet our new AppSec product/service hybrid, True Inspect

This tool from True Positives provides free and pay-as-you-go enterprise DAST scans to SMBs and startups. True Inspect can even include manual validation and work with advanced authentication so that everyone can meet compliance needs, and protect their brand, products, systems, data, and customers.

Why We Made This Our Focus

Over the last couple years of serving clients with security strategy, tool sourcing, and managed AppSec, we’ve learned a lot about the pain points in this industry, especially for smaller players.

The low-cost and open source tools they’re stuck with don’t provide reliable enough scans to properly protect their products and applications, and enterprise tools are way out of reach. And even when scans do work, small teams lack the security experts on staff to actually validate what they’re finding.

We saw an opportunity to do better by these smaller businesses in our ongoing mission to help everyone ship more secure code.

By providing access to vital DAST scan data for free, and affordable upgrades to deeper data only when they need it, True Inspect will democratize AppSec.

True Inspect: Reliable AppSec Scans Done-For-You On-Demand


True Positives, LLC.


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