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Evan Oslick Joins True Positives’ Leadership Team

Updated: Jun 20

The consultancy gains a deep skillset in enterprise application security assurance and automation.

We’re excited to announce that Evan Oslick is joining our leadership team. He’ll be working alongside seasoned application security experts and speakers from enterprise organizations in the product security space. Evan will also serve full-time as Senior Director, AppSec Solutions Architecture & Engineering.

Assurance Program Expertise

Evan Oslick spent the last 15 years building software assurance programs at small to midsize businesses. He used his software engineering experience, focus on teamwork, and a progress-over-perfection philosophy to consistently improve the security posture of products he had a hand in.

Where’d He Cut His Teeth?

After graduating from Drexel University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Evan worked as a software engineer. He led a team of developers running a multi-tenancy full-service business and consumer mortgage platform, then transitioned to application security in 2004.

Evan’s experience provides insight into small to midsize companies' alignment and communication struggles among development teams and product owners. He sees True Positives as the only consultancy with the ability to fill a gap in the application security space.

Evan’s Role with True Positives

As Senior Director, AppSec Solution Architecture and Engineering with True Positives, Evan will focus on helping customers develop modern, practical, and highly efficient full-service application security platforms.

Want Evan On Your Team, Too?

He’s happy to share his knowledge, and we’re happy to share him. You can read his and other leaders’ AppSec insights in our blog. And for a more one-on-one experience, the best place to start would be a free consultation.

About True Positives, LLC

True Positives, aka T+ is an AppSec consultancy specializing in automated solutions, manual testing services, and assurance program overwatch. We serve security teams and toolmakers alike to help the entire industry shift left.


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