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Browser-based Penetration Testing Kit with 20,000+ Users Gets a Boost

Updated: Nov 9

True Positives Debuts PTK+ Penetration Testing Toolkit

November 3, 2023, Chehalis, WA - True Positives, LLC is excited to introduce the Penetration Testing Toolkit - Plus Edition (PTK+), marking a significant advancement in browser-enabled software security testing. PTK+ is an excellent choice for penetration testers and security-focused developers seeking a competitive advantage. It offers a cost-effective solution that significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of end-to-end security testing. Moreover, it boasts unmatched proficiency in identifying browser-based vulnerabilities, setting it apart from the competition.

Developed by leading experts in the field of application security automation

PTK+ stands out due to its innovative approach: it replicates real-world scenarios to simulate potential threats and vulnerabilities within the environment where web applications function. This method doesn't just add accuracy—it presents a realistic picture of the security landscape, uncovering weaknesses that might otherwise go unnoticed.

True to its OWASP PTK roots

Beyond that, PTK+ streamlines the process, offering rapid insights from reconnaissance to in-depth analysis. These advancements attest to True Positives’ committed sponsorship and successful partnership with the OWASP Penetration Testing Kit (PTK) open-source initiative and its visionary author, Denis Podgurskii.

While maintaining its commitment to its open-source roots, PTK+ advances its performance by delivering a suite of added benefits, from collaborative functionalities to a robust library of vulnerability checks and advanced management features, all offered through an affordable subscription for less than $10/month.

Committed to the future of software security testing

“PTK+ is the game-changer that AppSec and DevSecOps professionals have long anticipated,” emphasizes Brian Pavicic, CEO of True Positives. “By harnessing the unparalleled perspective of the web browser, we're on a mission to redefine the future of software security testing—one browser session at a time.”

Throughout 2023, you can evaluate PTK at no cost, courtesy of True Positives. For detailed information, visit

About True Positives, LLC.

True Positive, guided by industry visionaries, leads the way in automating application security. We're the nation's top AppSecVAR, experts in customized software security testing and secure software engineering. Our approach combines precision and affordability seamlessly, fostering innovation. What sets us apart is our commitment to accessibility and innovation. We develop freemium and open-source tools, empowering robust digital security for our clients and the broader AppSec community.

Media Contact:

Ron Kahan

True Positives, LLC

Phone: 720-626-4756



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