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5 Ways an Application Security Value-Added Reseller (AppSecVAR) Saves You Money!

Updated: Jun 20

Understanding how utilizing an AppSecVAR actually saves you time, money, and other valuable resources will help you make the right decision for your application risk management.

Budget cuts and downsizing are global issues. Understanding how utilizing an AppSecVAR actually saves you time, money, and other valuable resources will help you make the right decision for your application risk management. In this article, we’ll cover the following ways in which the right AppSecVAR-managed application security services can:

  1. Save Money on Tools

  2. Save Money on Training

  3. Save Money on Staffing

  4. Save Money on Testing & Remediation

  5. Save Face

1. Save Money on Tools 🧰

Hiring an AppSecVar is a lot like hiring a contractor for your application security solutions. They will come with their own set of tools and the knowledge behind the uses of each one. If you reach into a contractor's toolbelt (not recommended!) and pull out a hammer - they will tell you the proper uses and applications for that hammer. Your AppSecVAR should be no different.

Their knowledge of the wide variety and applications of the tools on the market should show no bias. Bias costs you money when an inappropriate tool is favored over the appropriate tool purely for kickbacks, comfort, or other ulterior motives that aren’t about your appsec needs.

If you’d prefer to purchase your own tools, an AppSecVAR can assess your company's needs and help you select the right tool(s) for your application - and even train you to use them.

If you'd like to ask a few questions or get your application security needs assessed, feel free to request a free consultation.

2. Save Money on Training 🏫

There is no 6-8 Week training course that is going to take the place of years of real-world application security experience. “Bob from Development” is not going to attain the same level of knowledge & understanding from that expensive training program that an AppSecVAR is going to have out of the gate. Period. It’s impossible.

Think of AppSec as regular physical examinations of your tech asset. Who do you want to perform that examination? A candy striper that was pushed through 6-8 weeks of medical training? Or a physician with a doctorate and years of experience? It's really a no-brainer. Ensure safe & secure application development and the use of secure coding best practices by placing it in the right hands from the beginning. If you have any reservations or concerns about your current strategy, it's best to seek a professional opinion or even have them plan your appsec strategy for you.

3. Save Money on Staffing 👨‍💼👩‍💼

Don’t add another salary that you can’t afford. Hiring someone with the qualifications of an AppSecVAR would cost you thousands per month in salary. This is why many companies are letting go of AppSec staff. While the importance of their role is clear, the nature of their work means they are only required intermittently during the application lifecycle, and companies just can’t justify the cost.

An AppSecVAR will cost you a fraction of the price of a salaried employee with all the same support & discretion.

Learn more about managed appsec with True Positives.

4. Save Money on Testing 🧪 & Remediation ⛑️

This ties back to tools and training. Knowing what tests to run, what tool to use, and when to run them is imperative. If you run the wrong tests, with the wrong tool, for the wrong application type, you’re going to get the wrong results. Then you’ll start spending time and resources on those wrong results. You could also get false positives that would send poor Bob into a stress spiral of further testing & unnecessary fixes, whereas the experienced AppSecVAR could spot these immediately and not waste time or resources on them.

Much like with the testing, an AppSecVAR is going to be able to locate any issues - right down to the line of code that needs to be fixed, as well as provide instruction for your developers to remediate the exact problem. So instead of Bob having to figure all this out - and hope he’s right, he just receives instruction from the AppSecVAR, then he goes into his happy coding place and fixes it.

What if you could get on-demand scans by industry-leading professionals, complete with the exact locations and remediation guidance? What if it was under $500? We do that with True Inspect PRO Scans.

5. Save Face 🤦

In your world, this may be one of the most important things an AppSecVAR does - they make you look good. Never worry about having to tell your stakeholders that the app they’ve just invested in is corrupt, was hacked, or caused a global news scandal. Minimize the risk of losing your position over a security tragedy that could have easily and affordably been prevented or avoided with an AppSecVAR. At the very least we encourage regular testing. That's why we offer free application security scans performed by industry veterans with our True Inspect service.


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