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Open Source and
Freemium AppSec Tools

Application security can be expensive. Open source and Freemium AppSec tools are always a welcome addition to your toolkit. However, unless those tools are properly vetted, they can end up costing you more time and money if they don't work as advertised, have lapsed in updates, or are extremely difficult to configure and analyze results.

Our Recommendations

In addition those we produce, T+ is proud to partner with powerful open source AppSec tools. Explore them below:



Open Source 

Offensive AppSec Tool

Manual Penetration Testing


Fast, Reliable,

App Security Scans


Automated Penetration Testing


Fast, Open-Source,
Static Analysis

Automated Penetration Testing

Types of Open Source AppSec Tools

Asset 2_4x.png

Penetration Testing

These automated open

source vulnerability scanners

help your organization shift 

left, keeping your applications

secure from development

through production.

Penetration Testing

These open source tools

assist penetration testing

being conducted manually

by a practitioner or Red

Team. Includes Fuzzing.

Software Complication
Analysis (SCA)

Manage your team's

exposure to potential

security and compliance

risks using SCA -- a tool

focused on identifying the

open source in a codebase.


This is a multi-cloud

security-auditing tool, 

which enables security 

posture assessment of

your cloud environments.

Asset 1_4x.png

Our product security experts have gathered a shortlist of the best across several vital functions that can help security practitioners and teams of any size improve their AppSec program. We only recommend those we've either produced, had a hand in developing or had experience with in real-time scenarios.

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Interested to learn more and get access to
our favorite open source AppSec tools?

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