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Ensure complete protection with Assurance+

Get end-to-end hybrid protection for your vital web apps, without spending a fortune

Automated Dynamic Security Analysis

Targeted Manual
Security Testing

Complete Protection

DAST automation is indispensable and Invicti tools are some of the industry’s most-trusted. However, all tools have limitations preventing them from protecting critical vulnerabilities hidden in high-risk areas of code functionality, business logic, or processing flow.

A partnership between reliable automation tools and expert manual support is the only way to ensure complete protection for your vital web apps.

That’s why hybrid protection is critical for businesses like yours.

Assurance+ pairs the True Positives team of  AppSec experts with industry-leading Invicti DAST automation to give you complete protection at reasonable rates.
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  • Elevate security testing with complete, hybrid protection from Invicti DAST automation tools and targeted manual inspections that protect what tools alone can’t.

  • Get trustworthy analysis plus access to ideas and advice from experienced AppSec experts.

  • Save on budget-friendly packages tailored to small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Discounts available for new Invicti customers as well as current Invicti customers interested in adding on the manual support of Assurance+.

Want to learn more about Invicti AppSec Tools & Elevated Assurance?

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