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Get Unrivaled Results and a
True AppSec Ally with T+

There is a group of respected, high-level, industry experts and veterans right here to help you with your application security needs. What are you waiting for?

Allied AppSec Services

Application Security is a rough neighborhood to walk through alone. The changes are constant. The threats are real. The risks and penalties are high.

You need an expert guide that can protect you from costly mistakes and quickly handle any issue, big or small.

You need an ally.

You need Allied AppSec Services from T+.




4+ Days Per Month

Affordable and timely access to the tools and expertise without a long-tem commitment, so that you can deliver with confidence.




10 Days Per Month

Get expert support for your AppSec program operations & development to check in on things.




20 Days Per Month

Get daily expert oversight and accountability for your AppSec program performance and development.

Not Ready for an Ally?

Get Solution Training & Support with AppSec Empowerment 

AppSec Testing Services

Why spend thousands on tools and expensive resources when you can have our knowledgeable and experienced industry veterans run your scans & tests for you?

Automated, Manual, or Hybrid Testing - we’ve got your back.

Avoid the pitfalls of inexperience such as:

  • known false positives,

  • setup errors,

  • scan errors,

  • and misinterpreting results.

Get a Free DAST Scan with
True Inspect by T+

What is True Positives (aka T+)?

T+ is a collective of highly versatile AppSec veterans and innovators who have served the application security industry for decades while working for companies such as:

Members of the True Positives Team have worked in high positions within the Microsoft Corporation.
Members of the True Positives team have worked for Intel..
Team members of True Positives have worked for Cisco Systems.
Symantec Logo.png

Using their in-depth experience in the various nuances of software security, True Positives is a uniquely specialized application security value-added reseller (AppSecVAR) as well as a designer and developer of powerful and customized commercial solutions. 

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