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Open Source & Free-to-Use
AppSec Tools

As unchecked application security costs continue to rise, having a couple of solid open-source and free-to-use tools can make a big difference. 

Here are two "must haves" to include in your toolkit.

Penetration Testing Kit 

Turn your browser into a feature-packed application security tool.

What is OWASP PTK?

OWASP Penetration Testing Kit (PTK) is a tool that can be used by developers and application security specialists to run a myriad of penetration tests and scans.

It's completely browser-based giving you unparalleled access to otherwise hard-to-reach applications.

It was created by the well-respected Denis Podgurskii. We sat down with Denis to discuss OWASP PTK, its inception, and its future. You can read the interview with Denis in our PracticalAppSec blog article.

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What is True Inspect?

True Inspect is a DAST service created by True Positives that allows small and medium businesses the ability to maintain enterprise-level application security, compliance, and expert advice - without the pricetag.

Once your business has been publicly verified by our staff you will have access to FREE scans performed by highly knowledgeable industry veterans whenever you need one. The free standard scans will test your apps for vulnerabilities, and our experts will review the findings and eliminate any known false positives, and provide you with a report.

If you'd like a deeper scan with greater detail and remediation advice in your report you can purchase an on-demand PRO Scan with no further obligation for $499. Pro scans are also great for more complex app types and APIs.

Visit the True Inspect website and get verified today to start taking advantage of the free scans by application security experts.

Cutting-edge AppSec program advice and support from experts, at a price you'll love.
Get started for FREE!

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