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Meet the Future of AppSec & DevSecOps


Introducing Semgrep. Fast, open-source, static analysis tool for modern languages from r2c.


With 1,000+ existing rules and simple-to-create custom ones, it finds the bugs that matter. The tool's two-fold ability to boost velocity in DevSecOps, and promote the use of Secure Development Best Practices, serves to make Semgrep both powerful and unique.


Extreme Shift-Left has arrived!


Learn more about what makes Semgrep a real game changer.

Or see below about a FREE webinar featuring the tool.


Webinar: Discover Semgrep

A PracticalAppSec Webinar Services Event.


45 minute duration. Multiple delivery dates to choose from.


Attend to learn:

1119943_TP_Practical Tooling Banner_940x400_112921.png
  • How Semgrep brings security analysis to the forefront of development.​​

  • How to find complex code with one or two simple rules that are easily maintained by developers. ​​

  • How to write custom rules that catch issues that are unique to a target codebase, for example; business logic flaws. ​​

  • How rules are tested over thousands of projects and improved by an amazing OSS community; OWASP members and r2c. ​​

  • To reduce security review load by pinpointing only the code you care about.

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