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Phases & Tools Covered

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Snyk creates tools to automate the process that helps you evaluate and

manage open source components in your codebase. This analysis identifies

compliance and code quality risk, a critical step in application security.

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Automated security testing for containerized environments is a large part

of your risk assessment process. Snyk tools can help you gain

awareness and visibility into vulnerabilities in your pipeline. Ultimately, 

this reduces the attack surface prior to containers being deployed.

Container Security Testing

IaC is the automated process of ensuring that security best practices are

built into the declarative scripts -- finding and fixing Terraform and Kubernetes errors while still in development. Snyk's solutions enable

developer and application teams to shift left and detect potential security

risks prior to deployment.

Infrastructure as Code Security Testing (IaC)


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A security automation platform that

integrates with developer tools, 

workflows and pipelines -- helping

you to develop fast and stay secure.

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