More timely & effective AppSec support from True Positives


A True Inspect AppSec

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by True Positives


More timely & effective AppSec support from True Positives

Like True Inspect, Assurance+ helps businesses achieve effective and affordable application security.  Assurance+ does it by providing timely support from skilled experts in the field.  Assurance+ services address every important facet of AppSec to improve effectiveness and help curb cost.

  • Program Strategy & Oversight

  • Manual & Hybrid Assurance Testing

  • Automation Excellence

  • Operations & Technical Specialized Support



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Assurance+ offers timely access to proven experts in application security to serve as advisors to your team.


A role we itch for and hire only the very best to fill. 


Our expertise comes with an outside perspective, in-depth experience, and unyielding commitment to client success that’s hard to find.  Savvy coaching, teaching, and measurable positive results are the value traits of any Assurance+ engagement. 

Areas of particular engagement focus include. 

Contain program cost & best protect critical systems.

Get Free Advice

Test effectively & affordably with tools & beyond their reach.

Hybrid & Manual Solutions

Avoid making poor in-house tool choices & paying too much.

Guided Trials & Sourcing

Eliminate security bugs at the source. 

Strategy & Secure SDLC Solutions