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AppSec Strategy

AppSec Assurance Strategy Services

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Best Practices

We examine your existing AppSec practices
to reveal coverage gaps and ultimately
improve effectiveness.

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Training & Leadership

While we’re always available for support, we make sure
that you don’t have to solely rely on us. We provide intensive and practical training at all levels—ensuring
your internal leaders and teams are knowledge experts
in all of the above.

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Threat Modeling

We analyze your product, application, system, and
your business model to determine an appropriate
security framework, so that you can defend attack
surfaces, protect assets, and prepare for threats.

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Program Oversight

Our team brings AppSec industry experience
along with an outside perspective - this allows us
to operate within your program, while ensuring
performance accountability.

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Want to learn more about our AppSec assurance strategy services?

Threat Modeling
Best Practices
Program Oversight
Training & Leadership Dev
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Our Approach to
AppSec Assurance Strategy


True Positives acts as an internal advisor to your team, bringing an outside perspective with hard

to source expertise. We help you build and execute a complete application security strategy that

can be implemented at any level, from protecting a single component of a product to an entire application suite. With the whole organization operating from one strategy, you can bring teams together to efficiently prevent threats, and detect those that make it through. 

By approaching AppSec assurance from a strategic perspective first, you can ensure that all

your teams play a role in protecting products, systems, users, and credibility. 

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