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True Positives (aka T+) is an AppSec consultancy specializing in automated solutions, manual testing services, and assurance program overwatch.

Our Why
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There’s a gap between the risks in modern application architecture and the legacy fixes being sold—which is why we’re here to help you get the most out of your investments in application security assurance automation and 3rd-party auditing.

Every member of our team is a veteran of enterprise application security technology solutions in the Fortune 500,

Go beyond automated application security with expert manual assurance checks in areas of critical risk to your business, courtesy of the T+ team.
Outsource your application security with a hybrid AI service coupled with our manual assurance testing solution brought to you in a partnership between Rapid7 and T+.

What We Do

Application Security Test Automation
Application Security Test Automation

Modern application security assurance programs have to tackle more code, more languages, and more threats than ever. T+ is your guide and partner in the application security automation and independent audit solutions space, offering expert professional services and support for solution sourcing at no cost other than the tools themselves priced competitively.

AppSec Assurance
Tool Maker

In addition to helping source and implement automated tools, our industry veterans also can help you achieve defense in depth with manual code security services. Automation misses many key areas in modern app architecture, and we can help fill the gap, both independently or bundled with your favorite tools.

New players and innovations enter the application security space regularly. T+ is an experienced and capable ally to help your growing tool keep pace. We offer expert support for technical marketing and engineering initiatives, along with finding appropriate customers and providing after-sales implementation and customer support.

Why Us

Experts in the Field

For enterprise clients, our team of application security experts help you navigate a maze of marketing hype and rule out false positives to help you get the most from your budget. For tool makers, we help you get your message to those who need it most.

White Glove Service
Risk-Free Consultation

There’s no one-size-fits-all application security solution—we take your specific technology, use case, and workflow into account to recommend automated solutions and manual services.

Whether you’re looking for the right product, or need services to cover a security gap, get an introductory briefing with no cost and no obligation so you can vet our team and service, and we can create the perfect solution for your business.

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