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True Partners in 
AppSec Assurance & Automation

True Positives (T+) is an AppSec consultancy specializing in automated solutions, manual testing services, and assurance program overwatch. We serve security teams and toolmakers alike to help the entire industry shift left. In a field that just won’t stop evolving, and tools that make a lot of false promises, you need True Positives to stay ahead. 

What We Do

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Why Us


A Team of Industry Experts

Every member of our team has extensive
roots in AppSec, with experience from firms including @stake, Microsoft, Veracode and
Rapid7. Get access to this knowledge to
protect your products, systems, and users
for the long haul.

Explore More Than One Tool

When you go directly to a vendor, you'll hear
all about how great they are for you. When
you work with us, we'll learn about your environment first, and find the vendors that make sense. And we don't collect a fee from you, so there's no risk in playing the field.

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Our Partners

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